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Zomi Social Structure

The Social life of the Zomis is an open society. Every day is an open house. You can visit any house by knocking at the door. Visiting hour is usually morning and evening. The day is working hour and one is supposed to be in the field during the day. If one is found at

Zomi Family

The family is made up of father, mother, and children. They formed a patrilineal extended family (Stevenson 1970:21). The first son will live in the family as the inheritor and other sons will be separated after marriage called “inntuan” (setting up of a new family). When a married son has one or two children and

Zomi Marriage

Traditional marriage was by arrangement from parents. Parents of the boy took initiative by sending a delegation of three or four members to the parents of the girl by offering a pot of “zu” called “Zu thawl.” “The girl is judged by the character of her work in the fields and house. If she is

Welcome to Zomi Information Network

Welcome to Zomi Information Network