Zomi stand tall and strong together

Be strong and persevere, my Zomi kin,

For though we may leave our homeland for now,

We shall return again one day in victory.

Our love and loyalty to each other,

Like the faithful hornbill pair,

Will guide us through the trials and the wear.

We carry the toil and inheritance of our forefathers,

Their strength and resilience embedded in our fibers.

We will rule and govern with honor and pride,

With our traditions standing tall and wide.

The journey may be long, the road may be steep,

But our hearts and souls, forever we shall keep.

Let us hold our heads high;  march on with courage and zeal,

For our spirits are unbreakable, and our destiny is unseal.

So be strong and persevere, my Zomi people,

For we are the legacy of our ancestors, and our future is ample!

We shall take back what we have lost,

Until we conquer and rule with love and honor!

It’s our rights and pride given by our creator.

Forever shall we trust our God and Truth,

We shall shine as one nation under His Lordship!

Until we attain truth and freedom.

Forever shall we stand strong as ONE!

Author: ZomiNews

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